tisdag, juni 9

So three days have now past on my vacation and ive already been travelling from bangkok to phuket... the first days wasnt so beautiful, where we had a big fight... but we solved it as big girls hehe so now we are sleeping in the same room in this island :)

Tomorrow is the big day, where we've agreed not to spend anymore baht as we are all overbudget! But we are going to have lots of fun with the elephants, river rafting, ATC and to the last... swimming by the waterfalls... sounds good right? :D i know i would hate me too!

Stay in tune for the the bungy-jumping, jet-ski, go cart race, paintball... we'll see what happens depends on the budget... haha! excuse my bragging but i just cant help it hah!

Well the people over here are CRAZY! We can't even speak to each other in swedish without somebody interuppting telling you us: "you from sa-weden? jag ocksa kan svenska!" haha!
But the food over here is miraculous! Everything over here and guess what our first meal was? KFC!

Well I gotta leave now, me and the girls are going out to the club and "love people long time!"



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