tisdag, april 28

i don't even know why im feeling so depressed at these days, always feeling so happy when waking up in the "morning", but when ive been coming a bit away from home, i feel so depressed, filled with dried and lots of worries. I just want to crawl into a small whole, for myself, or just want to go home again... This is not good, especially when the weather is so amazing, so wonderful...

24hrs a day, i'm only at home, making some food or deserts, playing mahjong tournaments, chattin with some people, talking lotsa in the phone, watching ol' movies and tv-series, cleaning the apartment, do some dishes aahhh i dont know... you know the rest ;p

well, what's new? i've been so confusing lately, everyone's calling or visiting me and talking shit about eachother... :
*Please, Elin, Don't trust her! I beg you! She isn't that real as you think, i tried her once and tried to talk shit behind you back once! I only began with the sentence... "Oh, Elin she's just a so annoying person! She talks alot..." and then she starts to babble a lot shit about you!
You are like a sister for me, that why I'm telling you this truth! I care bout you!

*Don't trust her to your fullest! She'll never change. She has might seem to been changing after her trip but wait and see sweetness!
- Haaaa! I told you so! She changing her personality? NEVER!

*She betrayed you once and will do it again! Elin, for your best, she will only come to you when she doesn't have her boys around her! Gosh! She's such a....

*I don't really get it, girl! Why'd you even forgive her for what she had done to you?! If I would you, I would have kicked her ass for a long time ago! But sadly you arent me... Well, girl that's your decision!

Honestly! I've been gettin tired of these bullshits, even though that they might try to protect me from others, i feel your protection, but ive loosen it, i just want to be for myself for a good time, with my mother, taking care of my health and fit, others i dont actually really care, because after my accidents, ive been loosing faith in people, when theyre calling, ill just agree...

Well, i dont feel such good right now... i ate something that mother called for thaisallad with shrimps, different kind of onions (the red one and the one in a bundle?) cucumbers, lettuce, and some fish sauce, fresh chilli, and vineager.... it was real yummy! But what happend? Well, ive got some allergy chock i think...? My face is all red coloured with super red dots, it itches... : also my ears, breast, arms, neck is itching and me is just getting tired and an irritating temperament!!!

I don't really want to sleep right now because i got a phonecall earlier my boss from BS kista wanted me to work tomorrow, but it was a strange working hour from 9PM - 12AM! But I see that as a sucess because my boss wanted me there to count all the products in the store, though that i told her that i had never done that before in my life... she said that it was okey, they're gona show me how to do it :) so me pretty glad :)

well i got a call from my E, and ill keep talk to her on the phone... haha

gotta go! :p byeee


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