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So, 29/4 - 09... [So f*ckin' late, pissed off, bday party, humiliation, late work]

I'm sorry for not updating my blog for days ago... but ill try to tic-tac it as much as i remember! :)

So, 29/4 - 09... [So f*ckin' late, pissed off, bday party, humiliation, late work]

Well it started with to fix myself, and it was a pretty sunny day and started to curl my hair... But when i was finished with everything I was like 5hrs late and E was so pissed off that it passed on to me. So we picked up babyboy's cake in Tekniska and came to his bdayparty around 5, there were some ppl that i know but havent been talking for a long time.

So i was sitting on the sofa next to this chinese dude, that can speak the same lang as me, and from nowhere in the conversation he says like; Ey btw! YOUR .... is coming later, maybe 7? I think? Without thinking twice my reaction to him was like, WHAT MINE?! wtf are you talking about?! Dont you talk bullshit to me! So we kept eat our food again (different food with only chicken chicken and chicken haha) And I got curious when it was almost time for me to get away cos i was going to work later to make a inventory of all the products in the BS, so i asked a simple question to this chinese dude, and asked when this guy was coming, this guy he was talking about earlier... So he stands up and says it in Swedish, [Well, the thingy here is that he was the one who called earlier, and he said that he wont put his foot in this bday party until you will leave! So simply, you go he will go. And my girlfriend didnt get the thingy, and said oh M what are you talkin bout? He says louder... Naaa not much, I'm just talking bout..... to her!]

I was so mad, so mad that i told my girlfriends that i wanted to leave, so i was kinda leaving 30 mins earlier than i counted with, was sitting in the food court talking with friends... but before that i putted all my energy to give my old work my old blah clothes, cause i was so pissed off from them to accusing me something that i don't really know that i did, it couldnt have been like that... oh i dont know. but at least, now i've got nothing to do with them.

Came to work at like five mins before the store was closing up, and made an inventory of the store til 12.30 AM and catched up with the last train home... poor my co workers, they were sitting there and counting the rest till 1.30 AM ... that time when i finally came home :)
But it was a funny thing, my first time... though that i did some wrongs...


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