söndag, maj 3

Walpurgis night

Today, at least in Swe we celebrate our "Valborgmässoafton" and looked it up what you call it in English, it stood "Walpurgis night".... I don't really know what you ppl do outside Sweden but here we'll drink til we drop, stare at a big fire, keep drinking, spend time with eachother, keep drinking... maybe im the one who have got it all wrong but thats what i have been learned how a Walpurgis night celebrates :) :p

So after coming home late from my work last night, I worked again, 12-15, though its 3 hrs, its always some hrs, some money :)

But today i was like a dead fish... couldn't focus on working cause i didnt sleep enough... gosh only 5 hrs, and ppl have already been calling and giving me lots of mssg's of what im going to do tonight, have rejected everyone because i only had the thoughts of sleeping...
but when i came home, i tried to sleep but it didnt go well and my cell starts to vibrate and vibrate, so i answered this call, and he wondered if i wanted to follow my friend to his place in Uppsala and have a nice time, just friends and celebrate this day....

The rumors about me going to Uppsala did go pretty fast... soonly my boy-friends who also was there wanted me to go there, they wanted to pay for my and my friends entrance-fee to the club, just pay if i was in the town... it was so crazy, they tried to call and sended me lots of mssg, but i couldnt recieve them cause i was out in the country... no signal haha! :p
So the boys waited for us for like hrs, without showing up,... poor my boys :(
But although i had it a very nice time, but at the same time i could have spending my time at home instead :/ me and money... need to save money!

We had our own fire, close to thier cozy house :) and T played some guitar, me and C-A was having a good time sitting on their jacket singing to the songs he played...
His family was a bit funny also :) But i was really looking forward to go out in their club, missed my boys!! buhuuu!!


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