måndag, april 27

Today; I was on BBQ just like yesterday but this times I was with my mother and my old boss from the restaurant i worked in last summer, i was kinda chill and i was in like my best mood for fixing the food, though the weather wasn't so kind to me :(
But it went well! Did some vegetables-sticks, chicken-sticks, pastasallad with some home made rhode island sause (BY ME!), chicken wings and my boss came with some yummy meat, gosh felt so damn good with these steaks, i was almost on my way to be a vegetarian when i worked in my old work! hated meat to much, don't really know why, and ive been loosing weight since i chilled from working, though that it has only been like a week haha! i swear to god that i dont miss the work at all!

But to some good news! I was at a kinda interview today, hopefullt it's going to be my new work, its still a restaurant work, but this time i'll get full-time working like 10 or 11 hrs a day and gets a good pay! And the best thing is that the boss will let me have my planned vacations! SMILE!
I decided with one of my best friends if we could change the working place cause i don't want to go back to kista for working at all, well not in the food court anymore, because of the ups and downs i got from last week... so, hopefully, my friend will take over my new work in kista and ill take her work in the city, its good. better for both of us...

*it will take around 5 mins for her to get home with the bus, instead of the train for like 20-25 mins.
* she'll probably start her work earlier, but also end her work 1 hr earlier :)
*she won't see that bastard who's coming to the restaurant trackin her!
*and to the last, she's always so beloved, so hopefully the kista-guys will love her as much as the guys in city will love her :)

And for me....:
* it'll take 25 mins for me to work instead of 45-50 mins.
*i won't hear the bullshit that i'll probably get or maybe already got in that mall...? god knows!
*i'll might have company for the whole way home, my mother! because the working like 10 mins walk from my work ;)
*the people in this work speaks the same language as me, time for me to improve my own language! :)

What do you think about that? Goodie huuuh? :D


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