måndag, februari 8

i'm sorry, you were a star for me. but even stars falls...
it's called shooting stars. can't actually see you now from here, but whenever you are shooting back, trust me, i'll look up for you! because you are not you anymore, and i dont have the effort to let him have one more right about your faults. that has only being takin' so much unnecessary energy from my soul. but i still believe that you can be wonderful! but i just might not be the one as usual... words are running through my mind right now, im not that happy as i were for a few days ago... but no, im not a poet and will never be. never say never, maybe, but that's my sight for now.

its time to move on now. but for where? if you really want me to be honest, i wasn't even going anywhere before i had my eyes on the shining you. but dissapointed, thats what i am.. and not for only you, thats for all the people i cant take right now and thats for ill search for a place to hide where no one can find me, even though we are going to play hide and seek.

im always grateful for every smile i can get, and thankful for every laugh i can get. so i dont own you any anger at all, only a big thank you. for being there for me whenever i was down, companied me when i felt the vulnerability in the loneliness. its deep, but thats the words who keeps running through my mind.

i promise, i'll keep doing what im good at, taking my dreams to the finish-line and acting like ... like... like... uuhm.. i never saw the star in you... im not good in acting, but i might at least try?
and no im not sad, not at all... but i'll definetly feel more alone now without you near me, close to me. i'll surely miss you, for who you almost became, but fell back :) remember, i'm still hoping for the star to shoot back to my sight!

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