söndag, april 19

I don't know how Im gonna express myself anymore, so many small things have happend these few days, one of these was when I was working today... my boss wanted to talk to me, I really hoped for some more working hours, but no, he wanted to cut one of my days in a week (and i only got two days overthere in a week: ) after that I've got the news from him, my tears couldn't stop fallin' and cried the whole way home... I can't take it anymore, I'm starting to decide if I'm going to stay overthere on their saturdays or just quit all off... So at least someone is going to be excessively happy that I'm not going to disturb him anymore on the work, also happy that one of us did find someone! Congratz! I heard the rumors, but I couldn't really believe it... Well... Life goes on, somehow.

And I really hope that I'm not going to come into a depress mode again, can't take it with the alcohol again... so i need to quit my smoking too...
So I kinda want to promise myself not to talk shit about the work I had, because I know, if I'm going to say anything, just ANYTHING, I know that I'll get some shit rumors how I didn't do my work very well...

But I'm glad that my mother supports me, I fnally told her on the phone what happend and she was only upset, but for once, not on me, she have seen that I'm not quiet happy on my temporary work... She wanted me to quit my "working once in a week-pass", I'm doubting, don't actually know what to do... So I'm glad, that she didn't blame all the guilt on me, that's why I got "fired" on my work... Doh, I don't know. Was really so unhappy over the words I heard from him today, so, on monday it will be a visit on the AMS, employment service.
At least I've been a bit lucky now, the "TBS" have called me everyday now, and I've been working all week, exept the monday where I was all free ;)

So yesterday I was on my girl-friends graduation pre-party, it was kinda fun, came there to make her happy and show my respect to her... but after for like 2 or 3 hrs, we went outta from there and came to the club Mango, where Dembow had the party... Anyways here are some pics :)

[Ps. I just love my hair in that picture,
but I just hate my fatty-arm... : haha!]


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