onsdag, april 15

Sweetie, I can't hide my thoughts for you, never could, never will. It just happen... where-ever I'm looking, I can still imagine that you are infront me, or feeling you hug me backwards, making me feel so secured... But I've been waiting so long for you, maybe too long. From my side, I think that I could wait a few months more, but, I wanted some proof, proof to let me know how much you actually really care about me. I don't know if I've already got it confirmed, but I still hope in my mind, in my heart, in my soul that you care for me as much as I think you are doing. Hoping that you are thinking of me as much as I am doing every morning on the sunrising and every evening when the sun is saying "good-night". How could you ever make me so deep into you, there wasn't only the meetings, I know, you know, there was something more, but for everytime it went to the more, you stopped. Why? Am I really that kinda girl that you can't love, that can't have a future with you? Honey, I've been counting down the days since I last time felt your love, also the days when I think I can see you again, as I said it before, my friends call me a fool, because I'm still going after you, still making excuses just to see the shadow of yours. These two past nights, I've couldn't sleep at all, because everytime I'm closing my eyes, with my cold feets under the sheets, I start to think the days we had, the times you made me laugh so I couldn't stop, when I tasted your food for the first time, when we had the candles on. I'm not yours, neither are you mine. Never was but it may be us in time? Boy, I can't wait. I want it, I need it. Now, now, now.
I've been feeling these past days, I've couldn't love anybody else or even let anyone come close to me anymore. I'm just smiling and start hallucinating when my friends are gettin some or might kiss a guy so he can't breath anymore, while me, doin nothing I don't know. Really felt that I could relief my thoughts after that I had my confessions...

These were the things I've been thinking of the two past days...
Cute. Tattoo. Words. Lie. Friend. Cruise. Chat. Bus. Phonecalls. Short-messages. My first picture that I've got from you. Nervous. For the first time. Beautiful. Handsome. Felt lucky. Shy. Wonderful ap. Cozy. Amazing evenings. "I wish I could fly from here". No regrets. My name. Guitarr. Song. Candles. Laugh. Pictures. Delicious food. Keys. Sleep-overs. Party's. Official. Cab. Cheeseburgers. Alcohol. Jealousy. Curiosity. Tv-games. New-year promise. Friends in common.


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