tisdag, maj 5

HAHA... i found my what you call it... ehm a poembook, a book where I collected all poems i found on the internet or in the magazines. I'm still laughing and I really had to share these poems...


Roses are dead, violets are too...
I'm still in love, but not with you...
You thought you hurt me and made me cry.
But I was in love with another guy.
Simply because you have no class,
all you can do is to kiss my ass.
You sit around and talk your shit,
so f*ck you and your little ass d*ck.
You thought to left me, but i left you,
what my boy is doing, you can't do.
You tell your homies you played me like a bitch.
And I tell my girls, you have a weak-d*ck.
I said I loved you, but it wasn't true.
Well guess what m*ther-f*cker?
I played you too...


This one is in swedish, but if you scroll down, you'll find the same on in english, sorry if im not that good in translating haha!

Vad skönt det var när man var liten,
då existerade inte skitsnack,
kärlek var en puss på kinden &
pappa var den bästa killen på jorden.
Höjden av smärtan var när barbie tappade benet,
värsta gråten var när man ramlade & skrapade upp knät,
största rädslan var monstret under sängen

Nu när man är äldre är skitsnack vardagsprat,
man pussar alla på kinden
och kärleken har blivit svårare.
Ibland känner man att mamma är den värsta fienden på jorden,
och den värsta gråten är när ens vänner plötsligt sviker en.
Den största rädslan är att förlora den man älskar mest.


How good wasn't it when you were younger,
when the bullshit-talking didn't exist,
LOVE was a kiss on the cheek &
daddy was the best guy in the earth!
The worst pain was when Barbie loosed her leg.
The worst cry was when you fell and grazed your knees
And the worst fear was the boogie-man under your bed.

So now when you get older,
bullshit-talking is something you do everyday,
and now you kiss everybody on the cheek,
and love... has became more difficult.
Sometimes you feel like mother is your worst enemy on the earth
and the worst cry is when your friends suddenly dissapoints you.
The biggest fear is to loose the one you love the most.


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