onsdag, maj 6


Today was the outlet thingy again, and i couldnt just stay home again, last time was it only oulet for the Friis&Co shoes and bags but today... woohoo... there was things not just from the Friis, it was also; Zoo York, Eckö Function, G-Unit, Ezekiel, Osiris, Joels, Unisa, Manna, and some training bra's from KEEP IT UP!

So, i didnt want to go alone there again, who knows if im gonna be crazy this time again, so i decided to go with wan and mac... GUESS WHAT?! Reverse that! Mac was the one who went crazy instead... Usually this outlet shopping takes me 20 mins (well, im very simple when it comes to shopping, very uncomfortable with changing clothes all the time... : haha ) So, me who has already picked my things he's still in the clothing heaven, we could really see the hearts in his eyes and he was so.... HAPPY haha... so the result? We nearly shopped for 3000 SEK, if it wasnt more than that : So instead of buying him a wireless control for his PS3 for like 500SEK, he wanted a jacket instead, goodie better for me haha! :)

Its kinda cheap there, but i really wanted that sticky sweather, but naa wasnt worth for like 300 even though that it was a well-known brand... anyway, here is the pricelist... i guess dont really remember it all...

T-shirt; 150 kr
Sneakers; 300 kr
Belt & accessories; 100 kr
Hoodies; 400
Caps; 150 kr

Tops; 200 kr
Sticky sweaters; 300kr
Hoodies; 400kr
PICK 4 pair of shoes or bags for 500kr! Or 150 kr each...

and there's of course lotsa more things! check it out :)

Wednesday 6 may - Friday 8 may kl 10-18.Saturday 9 may kl 11-16

PS! Some areas takes only cash in this outlet... DS!
How to go to this store;
You take the subway to the station Gärdet and sits in the head of the train...(The upway Värtan, Värtahamnen) You follow all the way out (there's like only one way out from this station... i think?)
When you are coming out you will see that they're building the road so you have to go inside a "tunnel", down the slope, turn right and go straigt til you see a white small building... you will have a big "friskis&svettis" on your right side and lots of nice AP's on your left... Hope that you'll find it!
The adress is Öregrundsgatan 3


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